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MISSION MANGAL' (2019) Hindi movie'

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A simple yet entertaining movie exploring patriotism not on the border but in other significant achievements which are no less but mostly find a backseat.
Our scientists are also soldiers taking India to where it is today, which this movie subtly hints without giving lectures on patriotism.

Isro is now respected as one of the worlds most renowned space research organisation and many nations are using its services to launch their space satellites it being cheap and reliable and one feels proud in the end when we hear PM Modi’s voice telling how India became the first country to succeed in Mission Mars in the very first attempt at the worlds lowest budget where US had failed 4 times and Russia 8 times before finally succeeding.
The movie from its first scene holds your attention and doesn’t loses it till the last. Each and every actor in the film has an important part to play and viewer feels invested in their lives.
Its one film where I cannot point even one actor I didn’t like.
Where Vidya being the lead gave a terrific performance who was not just a genius scientist but also an understanding mother and a wife. Her equation with her children was no less interesting. Her husband played by Sanjay Kapoor was also a delight to watch and despite his nagging ways throughout the film which are sometimes hilarious and sometimes annoying one can’t stop a smile when he dances to ankiyan milaon song.
Akshay Kumar is just another character more a team player than the central lead. He lends strong support to the film and is responsible for giving us maximum laughs. He is looking the best in Mission Mangal among many of this recent films with the signature antics of scientists and his charismatic personality. When the Khans look older, Akshay is getting smarter with age.
For Sonakshi, this by far is her best role and she has played it to perfection. She has never looked so good before and is a complete firehouse.
Tapsee Pannu never disappoints and her driving skills will give you hearty laughs.
Sharman Joshi and his mangal dosh is also endearing and so is Zeeshan Ayub in his small role as Tapsee’s army husband.
The remaining two females in the team also played their part well and the old scientist nearing retirement initially starts are ordinary and later becomes one of the most affable character.
Vikram Gokhle as the chief of Isro was praiseworthy and Dalip Tahil as the antagonist was amazing too.
Just ignore the negative reviews as most critically acclaimed movies with perfect frames are the least entertaining. This one is a very well scripted 2hrs 13 min of paisa wasool entertainment which is sure to make you feel proud being an Indian.

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