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Bipasha Basu' Gym' workout techniques'

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Bipasha Basu is 5 feet 8.5 inches tall, weighs about 63 Kgs, and has the vital stats that are almost every girl’s dream, that is 36-28-36. Apart from giving some amazing hits, Bipasha is also acknowledged for being fit even more than a 25-year-old girl. She has one of the most desirable body shapes in the country.
  • Day 1: She follows a complete upper body regime.
  • Day 2: It comprises of an abs workout.
  • Day 3: She follows a lower body and legs workout.
  • Day 4: It is fixed for a gluteus regime.
  • Day 5: She repeats her upper body workout.
  • Day 6: It is a combination of abs and gluts workouts.
  • This is Bipasha Basu's favorite yoga

    Bipasha often shares photos on social media doing her yoga and exercise. She does various types of Yagasan and workouts with her husband. His favorite yogas are Kapalabhati, Analom Vilog, Mandukasana and Pasasana. Many times people name Kaplasan to troll them. While they do not mind this thing. She says her and her husband's biggest investments are health. One should not lack patience to do yoga. After a few days of practice, Yogasan becomes such a necessity of the body as is food and water.

    Which exercises do Bipasha do?

    Bipasha Basu has said in many of her interviews, 'I follow a very strict workout plan and exercise six days a week. Does not do while sick. A 20-minute treadmill, a 10-minute cross trainer and a 20-minute cycling cardio are included in the workout. Do upper body workouts on the first day for training muscles, abs on the second day, legs and lower body on the third day, glutus maximus workout on the fourth day, upper body on the fifth day and abs and glutus maximus workout on the last day. But sometimes routine makes life boring. To avoid this, sometimes I do kick-boxing and brisk walk etc.

    Bipasha Basu completely avoids junk food and fried food. She consumes protein, vitamins and other nutrients. Bipasha has a habit of drinking fresh fruit, juice and coconut water in a short time. Bipasha believes that your healthy diet brings glow and beauty to your face. They believe that eating this way helps boost their metabolism. At breakfast she likes to have oatmeal, egg, toast and fruit with juice. Apart from this, for lack of water in the body, drink plenty of water throughout the day.

  • Bipasha's diet plan


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